Unleash Solar Panels Australia

At VicSolar, Victoria’s premier solar company, we’re homeowners ourselves. It means we understand the frustration you feel at rising energy bills and want to help you find a solution.

As experienced and passionate solar power professionals, we are committed to providing Victorian homeowners with affordable, durable and dependable

unleash solar energy solutions that will slash your bill while reducing your environmental footprint.

Unleash Solar for Residential

Our Clean Energy Council-accredited technicians have years of experience in the solar power industry, and regularly undergo training and education to ensure they are up to speed with what is a rapidly developing industry.

What’s more, their in-depth knowledge allows them to sit down with you and customize a solar power solution for your specific requirements. We want to meet your goals, and will engage in jobs that our competitors cannot.

We pride ourselves on our quality, and back it up with well above industry standard guarantees, including 25 year limited warranties on our solar panels and 10-year guarantees on our grid-connect inverters, roof mount framing and on-site installation.

All our clients receive ongoing support with their solar solutions, including access to low-cost servicing.

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