3kW solar panel systems are a popular residential solar panel option for many homes in Australia.

3kW solar system is now heading towards the most suitable sized residential solar system in the country. For an average residence in Australia, a 3kw solar system will be equally generating about two-thirds of total electricity usage. But be advised; if you have ducted air-con, a pool pump and a home automation system in your house then it’s not going to make much of a dent in your electricity bills!

Solar systems can easily produce electricity for residence or business with the help of modules that generate electricity returning from the sun’s light-weight. 3kw solar system became fast and right on to line up, There are many sizes of 3kw solar system available in the market and it purely depends on the quantity of your house. Although this 3kw solar system is extraordinarily dear to line up, there’s variety of native, state, and federal duty incentives and refunds that may facilitate to purchase the fee, however, it’ll still be slightly basic investment.

Below are the details we are providing for a 3kw Solar System:

12 X 250 W Solar Panels

3.0kW Grid-Connect Solar Inverter

30 Year Efficiency Warranty*

12 Year Inverter Warranty*

12 Year Installation Warranty

Approved Grid connect Inverter

Full installation by a CEC accredited electrician.


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Elegant and efficient, with a power output that rivals anything in their class. OneSolar One+ Series Black solar panels offer:

  • Completely black, discreet design – easily integrated onto any roof for a beautiful, modern home.
  • Award-winning quality, independently tested.
  • High power output – new ‘Super Mulit-crystalline’ silicon cell technology means power output and reliability is enhanced.
  • Outstanding durability, guaranteed with an extended product warranty of 12 years (standard panel warranties are 10 years).

We pair our OneSolar One+ Series Black solar panels with the latest generation OneSolar Home Series solar inverters – the most advanced in their field – for a superior solar power system that’s built to last.

Benefits of OneSolar Home Series solar inverters

  • Safe and reliable
  • High quality and expandable over time.
  • High system performance, even when panels are dirty or in partial shade.
  • A true integrated solar power system, with accredited installation.

Monitor your energy generation and system health in real-time with handy Wi-Fi connectivity on your desktop or mobile.
VicSolar is proud to partner with OneSolar as the only Victorian solar retailer offering their world-leading technology to enhance the solar power systems we offer. 

We only provide quality when it comes to solar power:

  • We’ll tailor a system that’s just right for your electricity needs and budget.
  • We make the process easy for you.
  • Installation by fully licensed, CEC accredited installers.

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