3kw solar system

3kw Solar System in Victoria, Melbourne.

3kw Solar System

3kW solar system in Victoria, front north with no shade will output 4,271kW/h a year. That is about equal to 11.7kW/h a day as an average. This guideline is published by the Clean Energy Council. Based on our own output figures taken from thousands of systems across Melbourne, conclusion is that this figure is a conventional guideline.

Advantages of a 3kw Solar System

in Australia a citizen pays virtually 8c per kWh for exported electricity. Whereas 30c per kWh, most people pay to shop for electricity from the grid. That declares that adding solar electricity energy in your home you’ll save 30c per kWh whereas a commerce earns you merely 8c per kWh. A 350% difference!

Solar Panels you need

3kW Solar System - VictoriaWith the mixture of twelve solar panels, you’ll form up a 3kw Solar System considering that you just use 250W Panels.Each panel is going to be around one.6m x 1m, thus you’ll want a minimum of 20m2 of your


3.0kW Solar System

12 x 250w Solar Panels
3.0kW Grid-Connect Solar Inverter
30 Year Efficiency Warranty*
12 Year Inverter Warranty*
12 Year Installation Warranty
Annual Savings: $1200 off Electricity Bill**
Full Site Survey
Accredited CEC Installation
Retailer Paperwork Submission
Quality Customer Support


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